A subtle matter: eye area care

The skin around eyes is just 0,5 mm thick – everal times thinner than on other areas. Sensitive and vulnerable, it is the area that suffers most from external damage, aging and wrinkle affect. In addition, eye area has the weakest blood and lymph circulation, which means higher risk of swelling and pouches. Still, the thinness and delicacy of the skin there also means high capability of passing active cosmetic components through. All it takes to beat or at least mitigate aging damage is just proper care and nurturing.

Eye care products differ from those for the rest of face skin by both specific components and way of application. Skin around eyes gets the best advantage from soothing, moisturizing and clarifying substances, such as natural plant essences like aloe vera, arnica, calendula, or linen seed oil, that soothe skin irritation and reduce wrinkles by maintaining rich moisturization. Eye care cosmetics also quiet often use massaging applicators,. , that provide extra curing action by intensifying microcirculation, boost crème or serum absorption, and help distribute the cosmetic over the skin evenly. Massaging applicators vary by number of rolls and their material – glass, polymer, or metal. Metal ones, apart from delivering the desired relief through lymphatic massage, enhance the action by additional cooling effect, that does the best job against swelling. The massage itself is already a powerful cure to improve skin tonicity and elasticity of blood-vessels. Properly made (from outside to inside the under the eyes and reversely around the eyebrows) massage combined with a crème, lotion or serum fitted to individual needs, always makes a relevant approach to eye area skin rejuvenation and smoothing.

Specific to eye area products are constantly gaining more popularity and generate higher demand from year to year, so more and more products of that kind packed in containers with roll-like applicators appear in the market. Suitable containers may come in as massage tubes or roll-on bottles made of glass or plastic. Check out the new glass mini roll-on available in 8 ml and 12 ml capacity options. The solution is perfect for serum and oils thanks to the massage effect and absorption boost provided by the triple roll applicator.