15 ml airless refill jar.

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15 ml airless refill jar. (ID: 19212)

15 ml airless refill jar.

15 ml airless refill cosmetic jar. This type of packaging combines ecology and perfect product protection. TAirless technology allows the substance to stay fresh longer by limiting air access to the inside of the container. Refill, on the other hand, allows for multiple use of the packaging, which allows you to significantly reduce the amount of plastic in use. 30 and 50 ml capacities are also offered.
Available options of dyeing in various colours and matt or gloss finishes for both the outer packaging and the inner part.

Glass & Co recommends the CUSTOMER perform tests on their own to make sure that the packaging used is appropriate for a given application.
The CUSTOMER is obliged to check whether the packaging and the medium constitute a safe product that complies with the legal requirements.

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