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Glass&CoEurope’s best

We’re a multilingual, expert team from all over Europe – we can cope with any, even the most difficult task. Blending our knowledge with our huge experience we’ve managed to complete successfully over 10 000 orders. Our efficient actions make us probably the best packaging order fulfillment team in Europe.

Who’s creating your success?

Everything you need – gathered in one place.

Over 500 packaging variants in the offer – and we help in finding the one you desire! A variety of shapes, materials, and purposes, ensures all you need in one place.

We’re testing for you!

Despite our business partners being the best packaging manufacturers, we run the tests on all offered products ourselves, in our own quality control labs. Entering the market with any new or specifically complicated inquiries, our quality inspector personally controls manufacturing processes – not only in Poland but in factories all over the world. You get no such conditions from any other wholesaler!

100 % repeatability

Repeatability in production is one of the major parameters – but almost 100% compliance for each batch you can achieve only with us.

Feel free to ask! We always respond

Always get a fast and fact-based response. Information is confirmed in several sources – we analyze the data and reply to any question right away.

Bestsellers in off-the-shelf availability

Top-selling products are available in stock – thanks to that you receive them offhand!


Our offer includes comprehensive services for companies that produce cosmetics and pharmaceuticals: in the field of packaging, you can count on our full service. We select the whole series of packaging types, we make prints and designs such as with hot stamping, metallization, or varnishing (the range of possible designs depends on the type of product). In addition to standard cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging, we also offer eco-friendly bottles and jars made from recycled plastics, bioplastics, refill packaging, as well as airless containers, and various types of closures (pumps, atomizers, caps, and others).


Some of the packagings is available from stock, while the rest can be ordered for you in the shortest possible time from the European Union or China. f the packaging you are interested in is imported from outside the EU, we will complete all customs formalities and arrange logistics. We guarantee timely delivery and preparation of the necessary documentation. We supply packaging only from manufacturers who have been proven by long-term cooperation. Each batch of packaging is checked in our own quality control laboratories in China and Poland, so we can be sure that our goods meet all standards.



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