Cosmetic pumps from a producer from Turkey – “Sophia” collection

The latest addition to Glass&Co – the “Sophia” collection are cosmetic pumps from a Turkish manufacturer. Interesting design in many editions, but also excellent quality of workmanship confirmed by tests performed in our quality control laboratory.

High-class materials used in their production guarantee their durability, and the “open / stop” technology ensures the tightness of the packaging when we put it on the shelf. Simple and convenient to use – just twist to allow the cosmetic to be dispensed, and after use, twist again to avoid leakage. Pumps with a 24/410 thread dose precisely 1.2 ml of the product, while pumps with a 28/410 thread – 2 ml. Their design provides stable support for the finger during dispensing, and the dosing of the product is smooth with no resistance.

Diverse shapes will allow you to choose the right pair for the packaging of your cosmetic, creating a coherent and elegant whole. Straight, curved, flat, or convex, in any color and finish – everyone will find in this collection a design that suits their tastes. Check the models available in this category:

“Sophia” collection – cosmetic pumps

From now until September – pumps from the Turkish collection at an attractive price! Contact us —> Contact formular