From idea to implementation – how do we process the orders

The path we take for you from the first message to the shipment of your complete order is usually simple and mostly enjoyable. Of course, every road has “gaps” and “holes”, but above all, we are here to ensure no inconvenience while you follow us. In the end, the ordered goods always reach you in 100% according to your expectations. How does it happen? Let’s walk on the path that your product follows from idea to implementation together right now.

The first and essential step, which starts cooperation, is the submission of a request. Regardless of whether you already know what you are looking for or you do not have a clear vision yet, our qualified consultants will help you choose the packaging that fully meets your product’s needs. We will help you select the packaging elements – such as a bottle, jar, or a suitable closure, but also a whole series of containers that will form the basis of the entire cosmetic collection.

Once we have pre-determined your preferences, we send you the corresponding patterns so that you can be sure of your choice, or dispel doubts if you are still hesitating to make a final decision. After you carefully examined the packaging we have proposed and we have answered all your questions, you are ready to place an order.

Now, assuming your order is for a series of packagings, we need to match the right dye and approve the color. It happens that the color of individual packaging selected by you is slightly different. Fortunately, there is no problem that cannot be solved – in such a case we communicate with producers who use different dyes. Usually, thanks to the constantly maintained positive relationship with our suppliers, we can establish one common denominator and our contractors agree to use exactly the same dye in production.

Printing directly on the packaging is one of the services we offer. If you have picked such service, our purchasing specialist personally checks the quality of it during the tests. In the event of any imperfections, thanks to his ongoing supervision, the machine settings are corrected immediately. The watchful eye of our colleague ensures the expected effect, and the adhesion and quality of the print can be confirmed by tests performed in our quality control laboratory.

We approve the packaging, the production starts. Delivery dates vary depending on the manufacturer, but there are also discrepancies between individual products. If you want to receive the entire order in one delivery, we plan the production so that each of the products will reach our warehouse in a similar time.

Time to check the quality of the packaging itself Sometimes it turns out that despite the vigilance and accuracy, there are minor defects, e.g. on the thread. Due to the fact that such a defect may affect the tightness, we conduct tests in a vacuum chamber. Of course, we are fully responsible for submitting the complaint and we request the manufacturer to replace the entire product that doesn’t meet technical and quality standards. In any case, we inform you about the test results and our observations. However, when the detected defect does not affect the quality of the packaging and is invisible after completing the whole, with your approval, the goods can successfully continue their journey. We will negotiate a discount from the manufacturer as compensation anyway ????

After restrictive tests of the rest packaging from the order, we send everything for printing. Since the tests have already been performed, it is now enough to print everything in accordance with the established guidelines, on the appropriately selected machine settings. Then, the quality control department checks once again whether everything looks as it should and it meets your expectations.

The last stage is ahead of us – the delivery date is planned, the entire order is complete. The logistics department prepares documents, we order transport. And that’s it – you get your packaging on time, and after a few months, we receive the news that the new series of cosmetics has met with your customers’ enthusiasm and is your bestseller.


Remember, your success is also ours. Therefore, at each stage, we make every effort to ensure that the end result is satisfactory. With us, you don’t have to worry about organization, quality, and reliability, and thanks to constant contact you are up to date with all the information.