How to tell one dropper from another?

The dropper matter isn’t that primitive, as it may look at first. As packaging varies depending on the product, just so do droppers, yet with correspondence with more specific features of the liquid. Serum and alike “precious” liquids come in glass (less often glass polymer) bottles for their sense of luxury. Is it, then, passable not to take as much care of the quality of the pipette? Barely. It’s not only the look and the touch that matter, but the process of application and casual usability – just as well. Most of the droppers appear with a straight point and rubber squeezer. This is, however, not the best thing when it comes to extracting the leftovers of the serum spread on the bottle’s walls and bottom.

When every drop matters

The problem of leftovers has been, however, solved a while ago already, even though we keep finding most packaging equipped with orthodox straight-and-rubber droppers. For the modern solutions, beauty and care brands can now use all the advantage of curved-tip droppers – the ones with a specific shape of the point that allows to reach the walls of the bottle and drain every single drop of the formula left inside. Besides, modern droppers use silicone squeeze bulbs instead of rubber. Silicone has proven itself more durable and aesthetic for its natural ability to repel dust and grease. That’s why we advise curved-tip droppers with silicone squeezers for all the brands looking to create elegant functional design to shape their new upscale cosmetics.