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Innovative Korean packaging


Pumps with on-off stopper

Dual Cap Dropper Tube

Dropper tubes with dual-cap

Hidden Nozzle Jumbo

Dispensers with a hide-in nozzle

Airless Dropper Renewal

Airless Droppers

Ampoule Dropper Button

Ampoule Airless Droppers

Paper Point Neck Airless

Airless dispensers with paper wrapper

Micro Jar Single Wall

Airless jars with micro-pump

Ice Bottle

Bottle with removable cooling applicator

3cc Pump

Pumps in 4 shape variants

Soft Body

Packaging of a rounded silhouette

Hexagon Heavy (Auto Loading Dropper)

Bottles with automatic dropper

Round Dropper Heavy

Glass bottles with dropper

Ampoule Program

Double wall mini ampoules

VX Dropper

Bottles with dropper

Oil Pump B type

Pumps with open-stop system

Foaming Pump

Foaming pump bottles

Straight Heavy

Vials with automatic dropper

Square Pot

Airless square bottle


Liquid-powder mixing bottles

Renewal Airless Pump Finger Button Tube

Airless tubes with applicator

Dropper Tube

Tube with dropper

DomeDome Tube

Tube with round applicator

Eco Dropper

Pastel colors droppers

Metal Pump Slide Tube

Airless tubes with metal cooler

Slim Well Pump

Bottles with flat dispenser

Medi Lab

Mini refillable dispensers

Paper Point

Jars with paper wrapper

Wave Neck

Jars with curved neck

Reverse Dropper

Drottles – dropper bottles

Water Flow

“360” type bottles


Tubes for toothpaste


Airless dropper bottles


Double function bottles


Dropper vials


Refillable jars

Stick RT Long Cap


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