Introduction to packaging materials: PMMA

Searching for a perfect packaging formula is eternal. On top of basic features – shape, color or purpose – there’s limitless space for research and experimenting in terms of dosing, product delivery or application, and packaging materials.

Off the real, any person on the street would tell all the basic materials cosmetic products are usually sold in – glass, paper, plastic, and metal. For brands things get a bit more complicated, as every material has its own sub sort, each with its own features and functions, plus new ones are being discovered once in a while, or the well-known ones find themselves a new use. On today’s radar we have PMMA to consider.

PMMA, aka acrylic glass or plexiglass is by default associated with office supply goods, showcase stands, business card or leaflet holders, poster backing plates, and so on. However, PMMA has been recently finding plenty of use in beauty and cosmetic packaging industries, too. And there’s a reason.

First, acrylic packaging looks create flossy appearance. Transparent, creating fancy effects of light, acryl does all the same image job as glass does. All this in addition to being lightweight, durable and damage resistant, which means more safety in everyday use for the customers. Another crucial feature is high UV resistance, which at the same time saves the quality of the content, and keeps the container itself from discoloration to yellow, as it may happen to other resin. Elasticity is another big advantage PMMA is appreciated for. Acryl can be almost effortlessly shaped formed into containers of any conceivable shape, only limited by the designer’s imagination. This is particularly topical for large-scale brands looking to get unique, customized and customizable containers for their own. Plexiglas is also chemically inert, which means near to zero threat of reaction with the content and any sort of negative impact on service life or ingredient integrality.

On top of that, PMMA is a fully recyclable substance, which wins the brand some extra points of competitive advantage in today’s pro-eco era, where customers pay as much attention to the product’s sustainability, as to overall quality. To sum up – we recommend PMMA to even the most demanding customers as a durable and visually attractive material.

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