We present our new sets of frosted black glass:
• jars with spacers and caps with a capacity of 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml
• bottles with 30 ml and 60 ml pipettes

The new packaging combine several modern trends:
1. Eco
Made of the most environmentally friendly material among packaging – glass, which is 100% recyclable without loosing its quality!

2. Protective black
Black color of the glass will not only look exclusive, but also prevent the daylight getting through into the bottle. This will make the cosmetic retain its valuable properties for longer.

3. Mat + Flash
The combination of matt and flash is a popular trend in cosmetics design. Our new products are jars and bottles matt on the outside and shiny on the inside, as well as shiny caps: caps and pipettes.

4. Food shapes
The pipettes are still popular, and the form resembling the shape of food jars is very trendy.

5. Exclusive design
ou can always match the black packaging with the original, modern design, wich will make your customers want to have this cosmetic on their shelf! At the pictures below, we present our design inspirations for the black packaging series. At CentrumOpakowan.com you can order a similar or unique label design designed specially for you. If you are interested, please contact us at sales@glassandco.eu.

We also invite you to watch the movie about black glass packaging. Nothing illustrates the real appearance of the packaging better than this video: