Most wanted global trends in cosmetic packaging

Trend 1. Large brown glass jars.

Brown, or amber, glass is one of traditionally most desired types o containers for the tint of elegance and exclusivity they may endow any product with. Adding the cost efficiency of bigger volumes of product per unit, we get large glass containers at the very top of most wanted trends chart. Tall and wide glass jars will be perfect for thick masks, peelings, body balms or various hair care products.

Trend 2. Sustainable polymer packaging.

Besides everlasting desire for glass packaging, most of products yet come in PET, PP, PE and other plastic containers. As the ECO trend is currently overwhelming any other, more and more brands are looking for packaging material to contribute to the common “green” purpose. Recycled plastics are the first one to come to mind, and the market is trying to offer as many options as possible.

Now there are even suppliers offering containers made from recycled plastic waste collected from the oceans. Another worthy options – BIO polymers derived from renewable sources like corn or sugar cane. For this kind of packaging, though, brands have to wait in queue since the raw material is still too scarce to meet the huge demand. For now, its way easier and faster to get recycled polymers than BIO ones.

Trend 3. Refillable packaging.

Refillable containers are currently one of the most affordable and accessible kinds of “green” packaging. Refillable containers effectively cut the use plastic by just replacing the inner, lighter, and cheaper container and re-using the main one almost infinitely. Now the market is already offering not only refillable jars,

but also airless bottles.

Trend 4. Cosmetics in drugstore packaging.

We’re all used to cough syrup in tall glass bottles. Recently, more and more brands have been breaking the frame and selling various products in medicine-like appearance. Most widely this concept is used for BIO, vegan and alike products.

Trend 5. Spray bottles and deodorants in jars.

All-natural fashion caused even deodorants to go through a new evolution phase. Free from aluminum and other harmful elements, enhanced with natural additives – this is the kind of deodorants most welcome on store shelves. he change also affected the packaging. Besides traditional roll-on bottles and sticks, the market is experiencing an influx of deodorants packed in casual plastic or glass bottles with spray pumps – just like normal mist products.

The hottest news in the market are now solid and thick deodorants packed in aluminum jars.

The whole world is looking for all possible ways to reduce the industries’ harmful impact on the planet. This can also be seen by the evolution of trends in the beauty market looking to fit the new requirements of conscious customers. Brands build their strategies around minimizing amount of harmful ingredients, using natural substances and renewable, biodegradable materials.