Packaging Innovations in Warsaw – we build the success on the dialog with Customer

It is the face-to-face meetings with our clients – both those who already know us and those with whom we are just starting cooperation – that are the basis of mutual success. Therefore, participation in trade fairs is one of the essential elements of our business. Last week, we took part in the 14th edition of the International Packaging Trade Fair – Packaging Innovations in Warsaw. The event, although much smaller than the previous ones, opened the way for new contracts and allowed us to reach for new, countless solutions, thanks to which we will be able to meet the expectations of our partners and contractors even better.

At this year’s edition, we had the honor to present products that have been in our offer for some time, but also completely new, non-standard, and extraordinary solutions. Their premiere during the fair had, among others, innovative packaging by a Korean manufacturer, which you can read more about here:,

and which will be available upon request on our website in the upcoming days.

New items from China were also very popular, and customers watched with interest how our traders disassemble each package into its first parts to best show its features and potential. Foreign technologies used in the production of the packaging we offer attracted attention the more that there were really few exhibitors from the cosmetic packaging sector at Expo XXI this year and, unfortunately, there was a lack of producers from outside the country.

Despite the post-pandemic crisis, which is certainly intensified by the constantly growing inflation in Poland, the drastic fluctuations in fuel prices, and the armed conflict on our eastern side, Glass&Co continues to search and work on improving and expanding the offer. There were plenty of new products in our showcases, so sought after by visitors of Packaging Innovations, so the team present at the stand had their hands full.

The fair in Warsaw, although unfortunately coincided on time with other events of a wider range – such as PLMA in Amsterdam or Cosmetic Business in Munich, selected by larger companies from the packaging industry, was very fruitful for us. We hope to use their full potential, turn our conversations with you and the information derived from them into lucrative cooperation and grow in strength until the next fair! Where will we meet this time? Stay up to date with our social media, LinkedIn profile, and news on the website, and you will certainly not miss a thing.

See also how these two days in Warsaw passed in a short video-report: