Do you have oils in your offer?

Natural oils are a hit that, despite its long history, is still very popular. Especially in recent years, they have gained the name of cosmetics, without which it is difficult to imagine daily care. Many companies have this type of product in their offer – so it can be said that the cosmetics market seems to be overcrowded with them. Nothing could be more wrong! Adding these types of products to your offer can bring you many benefits. ???? Below are the reasons why you should include natural oils in our regular assortment.

  1. POPULARITY. Care oils have a very long history and are appreciated by fans of natural cosmetics to this day. They do not irritate the skin, are multifunctional and very effective. In addition, these are cosmetics that are 100% safe for the environment, and as we know – being eco is always up to date. ????
  2. PROVEN CLASSIC. Each regular customer of your brand will surely appreciate the extension of the offer with such a novelty. Despite the fact that many companies now offer various types of oils at different prices, consumers most often choose products of a trusted brand, even in cases where they are the most popular beauty hits, which are very numerous on the market, i.e. argan oil, macadamia or shea. After placing an order with your company for other cosmetics, the customer will certainly want to test the new product!< 3
  3. POLISH AND NATURAL. You praise others, you do not know yours – says the old proverb. ???? And yet it is always worth appreciating what grows in the garden right under our window. If you want to stand out from the crowd and introduce an interesting novelty to the market, we recommend using the potential of Polish plants! Carrots, calendula, raspberries, red clover, nettle and many other flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits have extraordinary care properties that allow you to press excellent oils. Examples of brands that use this type of solution are Vianek and Mokosh.
  4. MAKE-UP REMOVAL OILS. These are the products that most cosmetic enthusiasts love. Most often they are oils enriched with an additional ingredient, such as mild cleansing substances. They can handle even heavy, waterproof makeup because the oil perfectly dissolves other oils (sebum). In addition, it beautifully smoothes and moisturizes the skin. Having such an alternative to regular make-up removers, consumers will definitely choose your product!< 3
  5. COCKTAILS. It is an innovation among oils and a great alternative to a multifunctional serum. Mix, match, strengthen and improve! Formula 2, 3 and more in one, in the case of oils works perfectly. The possibilities are endless.

As you can see, having conditioning oils in your offer gives you a number of different benefits. Do you already have an idea what kind of products to include in your offer permanently? ????