New on the shelves – straight from Korea

It’s a common knowledge, that definitely the most of relationships start with first impressions. It’s not only about social relations, but also in these of „consumer – product” type. That is why meeting aesthetic needs with a distinctive design is often the element of the highest priority in sales management. This can be achieved with many aspects – unique shape, eye-catching color or creative label. What if all that can be combined in one coherent offer?

This thought led us to introduce new lines of innovative packaging to our product range. The lines which connect wonderfully pleasant appearance with convenient, practical use. The offer developed in co-operation with one of the largest producers – a Korean company famous for its non-standard ingenious solutions, is dedicated to top-shelf cosmetics, raising their class and prestige even higher.

Not only the appearance

The first impression, although very important, is however only the beginning. In the long run, what will make the customer stay with the selected product for longer plays the major role. That is why we chose the best solutions from our partner’s offer, in which the combination of aesthetics and comfort is the highest priority. Materials selected with the environment safety in mind, obtained in the recycling process, are the icing on the cake crowning a number of advantages of our packaging.

What can we give?

Making the customer stay with us for longer is not a problem. Ergonomic closures with a pump, „multi-purpose“ dispensers, cooling pads that stimulate circulation or the optimal use of ecological materials, with the greatest possible reduction of unnecessary plastic elements, are just some of the numerous amenities provided by the latest solutions. Curious about the details? Look through the gallery, where you will find out what specific packagings are included in our offer soon.

Innovative packaging – gallery

Stand out with us

We all know the moment perfectly – store shelves full of similar products. You wander your eyes, sometimes not knowing exactly what you are looking for, and suddenly there it is. The one that stands out – different from others, more tempting, calls out to acompany you to the cash register. That’s the goal we want to achieve by entering the market with the pioneering ideas of the greatest Korean minds. We guarantee the Packaging have all Your product needs to arouse the interest and inspire every customer.

Let us be a part of your daily routine

Morning treatments, evening relaxation in the comfort of your own bathroom can be even more pleasant when we take care of these small, inconspicuous pleasures. Everyone deserves a bit of luxury, everyone wants to feel cared for and pampered. Is it the joy of possessing a new gadget or the awareness of your own contribution to the care for the environment thanks to the choices made – regardless of the type and approach of the client, with the latest Glass&Co solutions you will satisfy your client’s every possible need.

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