Expanding horizons – heading to Italy!

Since the introduction of the Glass&Co brand to the cosmetic packaging market, we’ve been constantly expanding the network of our partners, thus offering countless possibilities and access to a variety of products to our customers. In recent days, after finalizing the terms of cooperation, the Giflor company joined the group of our suppliers, appointing us the official distributor of its closures on the Polish market.

Giflor is an Italian manufacturing company that offers a variety of closures for all types of cosmetic packaging. Their catalog includes flip-top, disc-top, and push-lock caps of various shapes and sizes. The brand supports the development and promotion of cosmetic companies, providing them with the ability to personalize closures to suit perfectly the customer’s vision. And this is due to the availability of over 350 color options and various finishes – in the company’s portfolio, you will find glossy, matte, semi-transparent, pearl, and even glitter closures, with the metallization and hot-stamping option.

Thanks to such an extensive offer, seeking the perfect cherry on top of your cosmetic series, based on a wide range of Giflor products, will certainly be successful with us. Get familiar with the offer in which, depending on the needs, everyone will find something for themselves. Solutions based on a combination of two colors in one cap, a pro-ecological approach with flat flip-tops, the production of which uses reduced amounts of plastic, or closures made entirely of post-recycling materials, simple and fancy shapes – all this is within reach of your hands, in the Glass&Co offer supported by a relationship based on quality and trust.